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Hello Glow

How to get your glow back after over 3 months of lockdown, homeschooling and, if you're lucky, working from home in your pyjama pants? It's really been a total inner-glow-drainer.

This is the reason why I created my brand, spanking new glow essentials. Because sometimes my friends, you gotta fake it to make it.

Now, I’m sure you’ve looked at images of JLo or other starlets on the Red Carpet and admired their GLEAM. Obviously, all of us would shine too if we had staff to cater for our every need. But the reality is, with the right products, you too can GLOW.

As a makeup artist, I cannot LIVE without the trusted glow combo of bronzer, cream blush and highlighter. This power trio of prods is the fail-safe way to get instant youthful glowy makeup.

How To Apply Bronzer?

Bronzer has been around since the dinosaurs.  But many of us don't know how to use bronzer to enhance our features. Colour choice is imperative. Have you seen bronzers on friends that look a bit muddy or grey? (probably not the glowy bronze makeup look you're after). That's a tell-tale sign that they are using the wrong colour. Choose a shade that's 1-2 times darker than your skin tone. MG's Sun Soaked and Beach Bum are colours that are warm in tone (so no grey aftermath) and are triple-milled pressed powders, so they blend effortlessly onto your skin.

The best use for bronzer is for contouring. This will add warmth, colour and dimension to your face. With an angled or medium-sized blush, sculpt your face with MG Bronzer—under cheekbones, around the jawline, hairline and even the button of your nose if you would like a sun-kissed look. Both Sun Soaked and Beach Bum are also fab as eye-shadows. You can sweep either shade over the entire lid or just the socket-line for some natural warmth.

Now you are ready for a dose of natural colour on those cheeks.

How To Apply Cream Blush To Turn Back The Clock?

Firstly cream blush is an absolute must-have if you want a youthful glow. My new range not only gives you that much-needed glisten to the cheeks with its luxe creamy texture but also brightens the face with colour. As you age, you lose that natural colour to the cheeks. Sigh. Fortunately, MG Cream Blush will replace that former girlish hue.

Simply choose your colour from the prettiness of Pink Soda and Flamingo or the sun-kissed hue of Mokarosa, and press (don’t rub) onto the cheeks. I smile like a crazy person when I apply cream blush (really not difficult at this time). But the goal is to add colour and health back to your visage. Also, if you are heavier under the eyes, apply the blush a little higher. This will give your face an instant lift.

Now, let's up the glow ante.

How To Apply Highlighter To Shine Like a Movie Star?

So now it’s time to really get your glow on.

You’ve probably seen highlighter and contour tutorials. Or the countless Instagram images of people looking like a mirrored ball with the amount of iridescence on their faces. But we want to glow, not look like a weirdo.

If you're fair-skinned, go for MG Golden Hour; medium-toned and olive skin: Rose' All Day. And if you are olive-skinned or tanned and desire a sultry peach Bellini hued shimmer: Summer Sunset is the ticket.

With a medium-sized blush brush, gently swipe MG Highlighter on the cheekbones. It's super pigmented, so a little goes a long way.

Not enough glow? Just add more. This is a triple-milled,  buildable product.  You can even do a tickle on the cupid's bow for a sexy lip-line. And it's stunning on the eyes. Add a smidgen on the inner corners and hello eye brightening. 

And that, my friends, is how you glow.

Enjoy my latest, carefully curated range of glow essentials. And please let me know how much you're loving yourself.  You can write a review and/or tag @melissagigliotticosmetics on the socials.

Looking forward to seeing you GLOW.


M x