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How To Wear Gloss Like a Boss (Again)

After 2 years of Covid and mask-wearing, it’s time to fall in love with lip gloss ALL OVER AGAIN. Because gloss is BACK big time.

Do you remember the first time you encountered lip gloss? It was sticky, gooey and a whole lot of fun in one fat tube that regularly leaked all over the bottom of your favourite handbag (gloss disasters were costly).

While lip gloss of the early noughties provided the desired shine, it came at the cost of being massively sticky and a total hair trap. A light breeze and hello, freshly blow-dried hair stuck to the lips—it was always perilous. Perhaps this constant tackiness of your pout swore you off the gloss FOREVER?

If this is the case—I got you girrl.  

Welcome to the Magical world of Non-Sticky Yet Super Juicy Lip Glosses.

The latest MG range is LIT (if I don’t say so myself).

These babies will leave your lips with a high vinyl shine and zero tackiness. And the light reflecting gleam of each lip gloss colour delivers maximum pout appeal for all ages—the perfect remedy to dry winter lips. And hello—lip gloss is trending right now. And soon you will be too!

The Best Full Volume Lip Gloss For Spring Makeup

Lip Gloss—How To Apply?

I'm sure you all know how to apply lip gloss. But if you're still healing from the lip gloss overload of the early 2000s, here are my tips to get the best out of your new MG lip-gloss.

  1. Release it from its Australian-made packaging
  2. Swipe over the lip
  3. The end

So that was simple. But the point I’m trying to make is these crystal-finish lip gloss colours are fabulous swiped over a bare pout. Of course, amazing over a lipstick to add extra 3D shine, but for makeup on the go, I simply grab my gloss out of my bag and just swipe it on (possibly while at a red light). The seed oil instantly gives my lips a sumptuous feel. There is something very reassuring when your lips feel nourished and plump. And I get that sense of calm when driving to my next job with my shiny lips. (It's the simple pleasures in life.)

I also love to apply a smidgen of cream blush like Mokarosa or Pink Soda on the apples of my cheek (another on-the-fly makeup tip). A dewy cheek and shiny pout will give you an instant healthy glow.

If you like a more defined lip, use a lip liner. Depending on your complexion, I suggest using MG's Satin or --- lip liner as it will give your lips more volume but not too much contrast. Your new sparkly new lip gloss will still be the hero.

Lip Gloss For Grown Ups 

Suppose you're a working Mum like myself  (all mothers are working mothers)—constantly juggling the balls of life with many of them in the air simultaneously. In that case, it's time to realise what a total female warrior you are. Sure, we're not perfect, but, ladies, do we hustle hard or what?

This inspired me to give my new gloss-babies kick-arse names reflecting the super-hero qualities we rock daily.

The Meaning Behind The Lip Gloss

Be Extra—I see you, girlfriend. Some people think you’re a lot. But you know what? You’re just the right dose of high energy and good times. Don’t tone down that energy for anyone! If in doubt, dial it up a notch. You do you, boo and always BE EXTRA. 

Boss Energy—Even if you're feeling flat, you fake it till you make it and show up like a boss. Forget the chaos of your life, swipe on that high shine lip gloss and always work the room, LIKE A BOSS.

Fierce—We are mothers, businesswomen, carers, wives, best friends, and sisters, and we kick major butt. But at times, it feels way too much—all that super-powering, but then we remember we are strong. And we are women who fight for what is right. We are FIERCE.

Brave—The last two years threw us all a massive curve ball. Could you have even imagined it? Navigating through THESE crazy times has taken courage. To put one foot in front of the other. To move forward. To re-invent who we were—maybe it was the scary pivot in our business to provide for our family? Whatever shape-shifting we did, this took bravery. Ladies—we are BRAVE.

Sending Gloss of Love

Friends, you have made my last year super amazing. THANK YOU for all your support. Creating MG Cosmetics products to make you feel and look hot has been such a joy. And this is only the beginning!

So, I send all of you, gloss of love (yep, had to).